for State House District 4 - Florida
Crestview | Destin | Niceville | Fort Walton Beach

So the subject of policy during campaigning has always fascinated me. One of the hats I often wear as a long-time technical lead and programmer is process, business or programmer analyst. Candidates often campaign on the conditions of the now and truth is, even after we're elected conditions on the ground in any area could be completely different as we go into office. These are things I think we can do in the near term to help families survive while we rebuild our economy and build businesses back into the area.

Economic Recovery and Environment

- Work on adding economic diversity to our area to reduce our dependence on Eglin and tourism for stability

- Get people working on overdue infrastructure projects like sewers and water run off mitigation to stop toxic bacteria and algae blooms in our waters

- Work on school improvements, expansions and additional higher-level degrees. Expand college access in local communities

- Work on getting vetoed infrastructure projects reinstated

- Lean into building up and kickstarting small businesses through loans and incentives

- Build government housing (thank you Pam Keith) and structure payments so struggling families can stay afloat until recovery begins. Homes tend to appreciate in value so money is less at risk of loss


- Fix the broken unemployment system

- Pass Medicaid expansion

-- Work on increasing mental health facilities in the area

-- Build a Children's Hospital

-- Build identities for our communities, make them known as specialty areas

-- Create learning grants and scholarships for social work, mental health and technological professions